Assistant Auditor – KPMG – Top Job Competition

With a large proportion of younger staff members in a professional firm like KPMG, we understand the importance of respecting their thinking and values. The New Generation is well informed, and as an employer we need to provide them with tools and options for them to navigate the future that they would like to see themselves in. We continue to develop programmes that allow our people of the new generation to unleash their maximum potential, and to allow them to work in an inspiring environment that they enjoy and feel supported.

Who we are looking for

We’re looking for talented people. Team players who are also innovative thinkers, people who relish the challenge of solving problems and who can communicate their ideas with conviction and passion. People who keep on learning, who want to be at the leading edge of their chosen profession, and who want to make a difference. People who display integrity and objectivity in everything they do.


If you’re that kind of individual, then at KPMG you’ll be given the room to be yourself and develop your career in the way you’d like.




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