SOK Sangvat (BDO) – ACCA Student’s Success Story

SOK Sangvat-Assistant Audit Manager, BDO

FTMS: Hello Sangvat! As we know you are working for BDO, one of the big international audit firms. Could you share us how interesting of your job and what are the challenges?

SOK Sangvat: Hi! Yes, I am currently working for BDO (Cambodia) Limited, which I believe the 5th largest international accounting firm in the world and 4th in Cambodia. There are a number of interesting things in this profession compared to other jobs I have experienced. It might be quite difficult and time consuming to talk about all so I would like to share a few things which I consider the most interesting experience. First of all, this profession has provided me with a number of important skills such as team and time management, communication, problem-solving, etc. These skills are not only important for my career but also my personal life. In addition to the soft skills mentioned above, this job has equipped me with technical skills in auditing, accounting and finance including the knowledge of accounting frameworks both local and international accounting frameworks. However, there are also a number of challenges need to be faced. Personally, committing to deadline and communication with various audit clients are the challenges I believe the most challenging tasks.

FTMS: You have just completed your ACCA exam last June 2012 and obtained your membership recently. Congratulations! Please share with other students how the ACCA status can help you in the field of accounting and finance?

SOK Sangvat: Yes, thank you. It is such a big achievement for me in completing this worldwide recognized professional qualification in accounting and finance. I was granted a status as an ACCA membership on 31 August 2012. I would like to share with you that working with a platinum approved employer like BDO makes us a lot easy to get the membership application approved. Having this ACCA status has actually helped me a lot in my career progression. In this challenging business environment as well as in audit firms, it is very difficult for you to get promoted to management level without this ACCA qualification or similar professional qualifications. Moreover, I believe with this ACCA status will give me a passport to the outside world because of its worldwide recognition.

FTMS: What were your last papers that you took to complete your ACCA exam and why did you choose FTMS to complete your ACCA?

SOK Sangvat: P5 and P7 were the last papers I took in June 2012 exam session. I chose to enroll P5 with FTMS Cambodia because I wanted to experience different styles of teaching as well as FTMS’s reputation in providing ACCA tuition. The most important things are the teaching experience that FTMS lecturer possesses.

FTMS: Please share your opinion about FTMS class, lecturer, material and services?

SOK Sangvat: Honestly speaking, my time with FTMS was very short; however, I was impressed with the lecturer and class facilities as well as the services provided by FTMS. The lecturer is well experienced and the classroom is well organized and clean.

FTMS: What is your recommendation for the other ACCA students who are preparing for the coming December 2012 exams?

SOK Sangvat: Personally, ACCA exams have become more stringent and challenging compared to the past few years. Therefore, it requires more effort from the students; especially, the professional level papers. For the next coming exams, I recommend that students start reviewing papers early, going through study materials; especially, textbooks at least once from cover to cover, if possible twice. Students who are taking calculation papers such as F7 or P2 should put more effort on practicing questions in Revision Kit; however, textbooks should not leave behind because they need to grab the overall knowledge of the papers first before they are able to do the questions. For those who are taking theoretical papers like F8 or P1 should spend more time on reading and reviewing textbooks including the articles published by ACCA in Student Accountants Magazine as well as other sources such as ISAs, ISQC1, ACCA Codes of Ethics and Conduct, etc.