Plan to sit FIA/CAT or ACCA computer based exams?

ACCA UK offers FIA/CAT and ACCA students to different choices of paper based exams (PBE) or computer based exams (CBE) for the first 7 FIA/CAT papers and the first 3 ACCA papers.

In comparison with PBE, CBEs will bring the following benefits to you:

  • Convenience:
    • The CBEs can be set at any time, on any dates at the students’ convenience. Thus, students will choose the CBE time whenever they are really ready for the exams.
    • Students can submit initial documentations at any time (20 working days before the exam dates). Therefore, students can start their FIA/CAT or ACCA study all year round.
  • Time & cost saving:
    • Students can know the result immediately after the exams. Students then are more comfortable to study the next papers. The students will be able to speed up their FIA/ACCA or ACCA study progress.
    • CBEs fees will be paid to FTMS Cambodia, not to ACCA UK. The overseas bank charges can be saved.
  • Opportunity cost saving:
    • Students can study ACCA all year round.
    • You can minimize the opportunity cost and the examination fees by setting the CBE time in your off-peak season where you have more time to prepare for the exams.

FTMS Cambodia is a CBE centre authorized by ACCA UK. CBE services are offered to all FIA/CAT and ACCA students no matter whether the students are studying with FTMS, other tuition providers or self study.

Students can sit CBEs at our scheduled timetable or at their special requested time. CBEs fees are very competitive in comparison with PBE fees.

Please click here for more information about our scheduled CBE timetable and CBE fees

Please fill in the CBE registration form and then fax or email to us. We will then contact you with the confirmed time and methods of payment.

For further information about CBEs at FTMS Cambodia, please contact

FTMSGlobal Academy (Cambodia) Pte Ltd

5th Floor, Phnom Penh Tower, #445, Monivong Blvd, Phnom Penh

Tel:   +855 (0) 23 964 116

Fax: +855 (0) 23 964 117