New ACCA SKill Exam Format for Dec 2014 exam

There are a number of changes happening to ACCA skill exams in December 2014. ACCA introduces new question types as follows:

MCQ = multiple-choice question: Select the correct answer from two, three or four possibilities

OT = objective test question: A short question, capable of a discrete response – eg multiple choice, multiple response, number entry

MTQ = multi-task question: There are one or more scenarios. Each scenario consists of different question types: MCQ, OT, multiple response matching, hotspots and gapfill.

FTMS subject specialists from Singapore and Malaysia analyzed the new exam formats and highlighted the pros and cons of the new exam format in comparison of the old exam format. Please click HERE to download our slides summarizing all these analysis.

While attending our ACCA classes, students will be guided in more details how to prepare well for the new format exams in Dec 2014.

Timetable of ACCA classes at FTMS Cambodia for Dec 2014 exam

ACCA lecturer profiles of FTMS Cambodia for Dec 2014 exam