Fees paid to ACCA UK

FIA students are required to pay ACCA UK for the following fees:

  • Initial registration fee is due upon initial registration. Students will pay this fee online at the final step of the initial registration process.
  • The annual subscription fee is due and payable on 1 January each year. Students will be active when the fee is paid in time. The fee can be paid online.
  • Exemption fees are due when the students are given some exemptions after initial registration. The fees can be paid online.
  • Examination fees:
    • CBE fees will be paid to FTMS Cambodia at its published rate.
  • Re-registration fee:
    • Students who fail to pay fees when due, will have their names removed from the ACCA register.
    • Students wishing to re-register are now required to submit any amounts unpaid at the time of their removal in addition to the re-registration fee.
    • Confirmation of your unpaid fees can be obtained from ACCA Cambodia office

ACCA UK reserves the rights to change its fees without prior notice. Thus, please keep visiting www.ftmsglobal.edu.kh or www.accaglobal.com for updated fees.

The prevailing fees are:

Initial Registration GBP79
Annual Subscription GBP85

Please click here for further information about CBE fees.