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IELTS Preparation


The course focuses on the skills needed for students to reach their IELTS grade requirements and succeed in an academic environment.


Administer regular mock tests with individual feedback and advice from an expert.


Reading: Skimming and scanning for general or specific information (e.g. data/statistics, facts); processing information from academic and authentic sources (magazines, journals and the internet), logical organization of information.

Writing: (task one) Interpreting and comparing data; describing tables, objects, graphs and processes; (task two) stating and  developing arguments/opinions; problem-solving; presenting  information logically, coherently and cohesively; paragraph  mapping—introduction, body of ideas and conclusion; sequencers and signaling devices; proof–reading/editing work as part of drafts.

Listening: Extracting information from texts of varying lengths e.g. university lectures, radio interviews, radio documentaries, conversations; learning what information to look for and what to exclude. Speaking: providing information in a formal interview context; giving an extended talk on a given topic; taking part in a formal discussion; giving a formal presentation/report.

Vocabulary Topics: Develop vocabulary connected with the most common IELTS topics, such as the Environment, Science and Technology, Health, Energy, Education, Transport, The Arts, Media, and Urbanization.

Speaking: Master the art of public speaking and interpersonal communication in order to speak confidently and speak like a native English speaker.

PLACEMENT AND ASSESSMENT: Students sit a comprehensive written and oral placement test on their first day to place them in the class most suitable for them. The assessment is continued throughout the course; students are formally tested every 3 weeks and receive regular feedback from their expert.

EXPECTED COURSE OUTCOMES:  Upon completion of the course, students will be able to score highly in the IELTS exam.

New Intake: Tutor Program

Course Length: 2.5 Months

Level Available: Intermediate to Advanced    

Course Structure: Professor Borint Long

IELTS Scorer of 8.0 Overall and 9.0 for Speaking

TV Star in the roles of a financial strategist and adviser

Center Manager of FTMS Cambodia

Certified Professor


Tutor Fee: USD 199


FTMS Global Academy (Cambodia) Pte.,Ltd
2nd Floor, Western University Building (Trolouk Bek)
Street 608, Sangkat Boeung Kok II, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: 012 88 66 14


FTMSGlobal Academy (Cambodia) Pte Ltd
2nd Floor, Western University Building
Sangkat Boeung Kok II, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh
HP 012 88 66 14

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