Congratulations on FTMS Talent Scholarship 2011 recipients

FTMS Talent Scholarship 2011 program offers the total scholarship funds of USD10,000. Scholarships will be given to candidates who successfully pass through a selection process consisting of 3 rounds. The scholarships are open for candidates whose ages are from 19 to 24 (as at 30 Nov 2011).

In the first round, candidates were requested to register for the scholarship program online. After that, candidates were required to complete the IQ test online and post a write up of up to 150 words about why he or she applied for the scholarship.

The short listed candidates to the 2nd round sat for the exam consisting of 3 parts: mathematics, English and essay. Via the exams, FTMS is able to justify whether the candidates are able to study the international professional programs such as FIA/CAT, ACCA & CFA.

Those who passed the exams in the 2nd round were interviewed by FTMS Cambodia Center Manager. The candidates shared with FTMS their plan and passion in professions of accounting, finance, audit and investment.

The value of the scholarships will be based on:

  • The score of first round IQ test & number of likes on the English write-up
  • The score of 2nd round exams
  • The clear future professional plan

Congratulations on the following FTMS Talent Scholarship 2011 recipients. FTMS Cambodia will shortly email you a confirmation letter with the value of scholarship.

List of FTMS Talent Scholarship 2011 recipients