Awarded by CFA Institute USA, CFA designation is a globally recognized standard for measuring the competence and integrity of investment professionals. It is regarded as the gold standard of professional credentials within the global investment community.

Why CFA Charter?

CFA brings the possible following benefits:

  • High remuneration package
  • Global and Local recognition: a designation praised by employers & media
  • Creditability: clients & colleagues regard you with a presumption of expertise
  • Competitive advantage: Employers and clients want the experience that comes with the CFA charter
  • Knowledge with a global perspective
  • Connections: You’ll join a global network of more than 100,000 professionals

Career Prospect:

Most common occupations of CFA charter holders and members are:

  • Portfolio manager
  • Research analyst
  • Chief executive
  • Consultant
  • Broker – dealer
  • Risk manager
  • Financial adviser
  • Corporate financial analyst
  • Investment banking analyst

In different organizations such as:

  • Investment companies, mutual funds
  • Investment banks
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurance companies

CFA Program Entry Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline or the equivalent; or
  • Professional qualifications (e.g. ACCA, CPA, CIMA, AIA, ICSA equivalent to a degree; or
  • Final year bachelor’s degree students; or
  • A combination of at least 4 years of college/university studies and work experience or a total of at least 4 years of work experience

Exam Registration:

  • Exam registration is on line
  • CFA candidate requires to have a national passport to register for exams
  • CFAI does not require candidates to submit any documents in the online exam registration process.

Attaining the CFA ® Charter:

  • Sequentially passed the Level I, II & III exams
  • At least 4 yeas of relevant professional experience
  • Fulfill ACCA Institute membership requirements and apply concurrently for membership in CFA Institute and as an CFA Institute society member.
  • Sign the Professional Conduct Statement and Member’s Agreement.
  • Comply with CFA Institute Bye-Laws.
  • Exhibit a high degree of ethical and professional conduct.

CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge:

Exemption Policy:

  • CFAI does not offer any exemptions to CFA candidates

Time Limit to Complete CFA Program?

  • CFAI does not apply any time limit to complete CFA Program
  • Average time to complete 3 levels is 4 years

Requirement of prior knowledge and English:

  • CFAI does not apply any initial English requirements
  • To be able to study the CFA programs, it is recommended that learners’ English level is equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 500 or successfully complete FTMS’ English placement test
  • Before formal study for CFA level 1 exams, it is recommended that learners have background in financial accounting which can be studied from FIA courses.

Information on CFA Exams: (*)

  • The exams are 6 hours long, divided into a morning and afternoon session
  • Exam format & time:

Level I exam:

  • Knowledge and comprehension of fundamental investment tools & concepts
  • Exam format: 100% multiple choice questions
  • Exam time: in June and December

Level II exams:

  • Application and analysis focused on asset valuation
  • Exam format: Item sets
  • Exam time: in June

Level III exams:

  • Synthesis and evaluation of client needs & portfolio management issues
  • Exam format: 50% item sets + 50% essay
  • Exam time: in June
  • Exam registration deadlines

Every exam sitting, there are 3 exam registration deadlines. Please contact FTMS office or visit for further information about exam registration deadlines.

  • Absolute passing mark: 70%

(*) FTMS offers assistance in registering exams and make online payments for its students

What Should be Budgeted for the CFA Program? (**)

  • Fees paid to CFA Institute such as program enrolment fee and exam registration fee. Exam registration fee includes complete curriculum & one sample exam
  • Tuition fee for CFA preparation course with FTMS

(**) Please contact FTMS for further information on tuition fees, discount policies, timetable and lecturer profiles

Why Study CFA Preparation Course with FTMS?

  • FTMS is a 100% Singaporean training company with experience and expertise in teaching CFA programs in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam
  • Lecturers, either CFA charter holders or holders of equivalent international qualifications, have professional and practical experience with strong passion of delivering knowledge and exam tips
  • FTMS’ lecture notes are focused, thus, useful to prepare for CFA exams
  • FTMS provides its students with free mock exams
  • FTMS will provide placement tests to enable potential students to justify their English and financial accounting foundation.
  • FTMS is the pioneer tuition provider in Asia to provide CFA Foundation course to those who want to pursue CFA program but did not have sufficient financial accounting & statistics background.
  • FTMS assists its students in registering exams and making online payments to CFA Institute USA

CFA Preparation Course at FTMS:

  • Learners can choose either (1) to study the whole CFA program (3 level) to become CFA charter holders; or (2) to study the chosen topic of the CFA body of knowledge to improve the desired knowledge and skills. In the latter case, learners will be given a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.
  • CFA preparation courses are scheduled at weekends which will not impact learners’ working or studying schedule
  • There are 2 CFA intakes per year:
    • December intake for June exams in the coming year (5 months study)
    • June intake Dec exam in the same year (5 months study)
  • CFA preparation courses are conducted in English by experienced lecturers who are CFA charter holders or international master degree holders and successfully passed CFA exams.
  • Course structure is designed to enable learners to focus their study effectively for the exams. The course structure consists of:
  • Orientation session: learners will be guided how to attend the CFA preparation courses at FTMS effectively
  • Teaching phases: lecturers will explain in details all key core areas of the topics, give illustration examples and guide students how to apply the knowledge and skills in the exam questions.
  • Self study phases between contact classes: learners are given a study planners to review previous lessons and prepare for the coming lessons.
  • Revision phase: lecturers will summarize all the papers in a systematic way and practice exam questions for the whole body of knowledge
  • Mock exam: learners will be requested to sit for mock exams with CFA exam format. The exams will set with a certain difficult level to prepare the students for the exam.

For further information about CFA courses in Cambodia, please contact:

FTMSGlobal Academy (Cambodia) Pte Ltd

Ground Floor, Zaman University Building
#8, St: 315, Boeng Kak 1, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh

Tel: +855 (0) 23 964 116

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