Career Talk @ University of Puthisastra

FTMS Cambodia in cooperation with the University of Puthisastra and ACCA Cambodia is going to conduct the “Career Talk” on 27 Apr 2012 focusing on “Demand and Solutions for Professional Personnels in Accounting, Finance, and Audit Professions”.

The objectives of the Career Talk are as the following:

  • Provide students with information of current demand for professional personnels in accounting, finance and audit professions in Cambodia
  • Share with students the employers’ expectation on their employees so that the students know what they should prepare while studying at university
  • Guide students how to prepare an impressive CV and cover letter. These skills will help them recruited in internship programs or fresh graduate programs.
  • Create a chance for students to meet with representatives from ACCA and other employers

Date: 27 Apr 2012

Time: 1:45pm – 4:45pm

Venue: University of Puthisastra, Conference Hall H

Registration: Now until 26th Apr 2012 by 5:00pm @ UP reception

Co-organized by:

Guest speakers:

For detail information about its agenda, please click HERE to download it.