Career Talk @ University of Puthisastra

On 27 Apr 2012, FTMS Cambodia in cooperation with University of Puthisastra and ACCA Cambodia conducted the “Career Talk” focusing on “Demand and Solutions for Professional Personnels in Accounting, Finance, and Audit Professions”.

Our guest speakers are Mr. Theo Laverty, Director from Grant Thornton; Ms Lay Rachana, Senior Manager from FTB Bank; and Mr Seng Thearith, Director from MCA. The Career Talk provided the students with useful information about employers’ expectations such as combination of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotion Quotient), and AQ (Adversity Quotient); combination of Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. Students were also shared that professional qualifications such as CAT and ACCA help professional personnels develop their career in accounting, finance and audit profession. Students also had chances to meet with the guest speakers from Grant Thornton, FTB Bank and MCA and understand more about their recruitment process and their plan to develop the staff professionally. Moreover, students were guided on “The law of Success” with the tips for job interview.

Below are some pictures of the Career Talk.

Ms. Top Sophanou, FTMS Center Manager, shared the employers' expectations about ASK model (A=Attitude, S=Skills, and K=Knowledge).


Mr. Neou Ratna, Business Development Executive from ACCA Cambodia, presented the job demand in Accounting, Audit & Finance professions in Cambodia and emphasized that there are 1,175 ACCA students and 694 FIA students in Cambodia. However, there are only 47 ACCA members and 13 ACCA affiliates. We will work hard together to make all the ACCA students to become ACCA members.

Mr. Theo Laverty, Director of Grant Thornton, and his team shared UP students Grant Thornton's expectations on their employees.

Mr. Seng Thearith, Director of MCA, guided UP students "The Law of Success" with some tips of job interview.

Ms Lay Rachana, Senior Manager of FTB Bank, emphasized FTB's expectations on their employees and the benefits they get to UP students.

Students were raising their hands to ask the speakers some questions related to their presentations.

Ms. Top Sophanou presented the Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Stephen Paterson, UP Vice President.


After the "Career talk", students were given FTB Bank's token from FTB teams.

FTMS will organize the similar event in other universities in Phnom Penh.