Lecturer Profiles

  • Lecturers are ACCA members or holders of international qualifications
  • Lecturers are experienced in lecturing ACCA preparation courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and Vietnam
  • Lecturers have intensive work experience
  • Lecturers possess high standard lecturing skills
  • Lecturers are able to equip learners with professional exam techniques
  • Lecturers understand well the ACCA UK requirements for its professional exams. Thus, their lecture notes are focused and useful for learners to prepare for ACCA exams.

Our Lecturers …. to help you FOCUS and PASS the exams

Long Borint (ACCA Affiliate) – Lecturer of Paper F1,F2,F3, F5 and F7

Borint successfully completed CAT and ACCA programs and is considered to be one of the Top Cambodians who could quickly pass CAT and ACCA exams. Thus, he understands FIA & ACCA syllabus very well and possesses great exam techniques to get marks in professional exams. He has always coached his students how to study SMART, which is an essential strategy for ACCA exam preparation.

He has academic experience in education institutions and professional experience in audit and advisory in Big 4 companies. He is now FTMS’ Center Manager. During his class, he shares his professional working experience to enable students to understand more about business, organizations, functions and motivation, thus, students can understand their paper syllabus easily.

Given his technical knowledge, professional and academic experience and inspirational lecturing skills, students will definitely have a good learning experience in his class and prepare well for their papers exam.

“Studying ACCA is interesting. Passing the exams is fun and rewarding.”

Phillip Teo (CPA, FCCA)Lecturer of Paper F8

PhillipMr Phillip Teo is the director of his own advisory firm and has close to 20 years of experience in corporate financing, assurance, taxation, corporate advisory and merger and acquisition.

Mr Phillip has more than 10 years of teaching experience in subject of  assurance, accounting and cost accounting. He has lectured various programs, including ACCA, CIMA, CIM, ABE, Heriot Watt Degree, FIA courses etc. Many of his ACCA students have graduated since then. Lots of students complimented Mr. Teo for his audit knowledge & experience which helps in providing “good” answers to audit questions. Many who have passed ACCA Advanced Audit have commended Mr Teo as being very helpful and approachable, and acknowledged this through “thank you” letter to FTMS centers. Mr. Teo also keeps himself up-to-date with the latest changes in audit practice and frequently shares news & articles on accounting & audit with the students. Mr Teo has been providing exam practice classes for audit students. He believes in ‘continuous assessment’ where feedbacks are given to the students. He gives mock exams to the audit students and has found that students improved significantly after every mock exam.

Daniel Ho (Finance Specialist) – Lecturer of Paper F9

DanielMr Daniel Ho understand that the world of Finance is one that has great impetus for change. He has lectured Finance module, such as Securities Analysis, Portfolio Management, Derivatives and Fixed income Investment. Due to Daniel’s wealth of knowledge and lecturing experience, he has also conducted lectures in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and even in Mongolia and the African continent.

He is known for simplicity and clarity in his teaching. Student found his teaching extremely easy to follow even the zero-based knowledge and are able to attempt the examination with full confident. Daniel also has experience in teaching the HKKICPA- Module B and Final examination to “Big Four” clients and public classes.

Fung Chee Kong (CPA, Master) – Lecturer of Paper P1

CKMr Fung Chee Kong graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) degree and obtained his Masters degree from the London School of Economics, UK.

He is a Certified Public Accountant and was an auditor with one of the then Big Eight international public accounting firm before joining the teaching profession in 1995.

He has taught auditing, ethics and corporate governance for the last 15 years in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia and major cities in China.

Balbeer Singh Mangat (ACA, CPA) – Lecturer of Paper P1

BalbeerMr B.S Mangat, Chairman of FTMS Group of Companies, is a Chartered Accountant from England and Wales. He is also a CPA. He has more than 30 years of experience in audit and tax and has worked for well known international companies before starting FTMS in 1986. The Group’s business includes training and education, human resource management, corporate services, publishing and eBusiness. FTMS Group has operations in Asia & Africa.

Balbeer is also a CPA in Singapore and a certified public accountant specializing in Business Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures. Balbeer has conducted seminars and presentations on internal audit, corporate governance, accounting & finance, etc. for many multinational companies, in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei and Hong Kong.

He is a famous lecturer for audit, ethics and corporate governance in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Tom Clendon (FCCA)Lecturer of Paper P2

TomTom Clendon is an FCCA with 20 years teaching experience. He is a famous author of many publications in financial reporting. He is most recently writing a Student’s Guide to Group Accounts, of which he said was a “creative and satisfying” experience. Tom Clendon is a leading Lecturer of Financial Accounting papers in London and recently used to teaching at Kaplan London. In 2009, he won PQ magazine‟s Tutor of the Year award and is known as an experienced ACCA lecturer with many prize winning students in the UK and other countries.

He started lecturing for FTMSGlobal group since 2013 and soon becomes one of the most popular lecturers in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Ean Lee (MBA)Lecturer of Paper P3

EanMs Ean Lee holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Western Sydney and was a Certified Chartered Company Secretary from MAICSA (Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrator).

Ean Lee has acquired vast knowledge and experiences in lecturing management and marketing related subjects. She possesses strong determination to nurture students in developing their interest in management and business strategies in relation to the realistic work environment. Her lecturing techniques focus on making theories simple in layman terms, emphasizing on understanding rather than memorizing and shares ample real life management and business scenarios with her students. Exam techniques will be aiming at abilities of cognitive applications and writing proficiencies. Her ability to relate lessons to the ever changing business environment, trends and practices enriched her students with practical and useful knowledge and skills that would help them enhance their job and career development in the near future.

Eliott Betts (ACCA)Lecturer of Papers F9, P4 & P5

EliottEliott’s youthful looks belie over 16 years of experience working in international financial markets in major financial centres around the world. He then decided on a career change and is now an ACCA member, winning a prize for paper 3.4. He is now a full-time lecturer, specialising in finance and management accounting papers.

Eliott is now on the P4 marking team and marked hundreds of papers every intake. That experience has given him the many insights of how students should prepare well for the ACCA professional exams. He will share with his students many examination techniques and tips which contribute significantly to their pass. 

“He presents the lessons in an easy way for us to understand.”.

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