Quality Endorsement

FTMSGlobal centers, through its stringent pursuit of educational excellence & quality service, have gained the following quality and trust endorsements that recognise these achievements:

  • ACCA Platinum status in Vietnam
  • ACCA Gold status in Malaysia
  • ACCA Gold status in Hong Kong
  • ACCA Gold status in Singapore
  • SQC award in Singapore
  • EduTrust award in Singapore
  Platinum registered status carries enhanced recognition and is available to tuition providers which offer a specified range of courses, prepare submission documents in accordance with ACCA’s requirements and undergo a pre-registration visit. Tuition providers granted ‘Platinum’ status are required to supply ACCA with information to assist in the monitoring of their examination results. ACCA will conduct an annual monitoring exercise where compliance with the registration requirements will be reviewed through the tuition provider’s annual submission, student exam results targets, visits by ACCA staff and meetings with students.To learn more about the ACCA please visit www.accaglobal.com.
  The Singapore Quality Class(SQC) is the certification for the overall business excellence standard. Based on the internationally benchmarked business excellence framework, the SQC provides organisations with a holistic model for managing a business for excellence. It has 7 categories, namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results.FTMSGlobal is a proud recipient of the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Award. Certification to SQC is determined by the organisation’s performance in the Business Excellence Assessment for Continuous Improvement (BEACON). The assessment allows an organisation to benchmark its own management systems and practices against the criteria requirements of the business excellence framework. Organisations that attain commendable levels of performance on the framework are recognized with the Business Excellence Certifications and those that attain outstanding levels are recognized with the Business Excellence Awards. The recognition helps organistions to distinguish themselves in the marketplace and gain a competitive advantage.

To learn more about the SQC please visit www.spring.gov.sg.

  The EduTrust certification scheme is a voluntary scheme administered by the Council for Private Education for private education institutions in Singapore. Although it is a voluntary scheme, it is one of the pre-requisites which private education institutions that enrol international students must meet to qualify for the issue of Student Passes, as stipulated by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The scheme provides a means for better private education institutions to differentiate themselves as having achieved higher standards in key areas of management and provision of educational services. For more information on the CPE and EduTrust Certification, please refer to http://www.cpe.gov.sg/